Alabama Cross Country State Finals

Great year for Westminster... State Champs for both guys and girls teams! My two boys did great, Nate came in 2nd with his personal best for the year, and Daniel who has been injured blew away his perceived time to come in 18th overall and help the team with the gold. Here are some shots from the race. Feel free to download and keep any of the images. The team photos down by the lake got over-exposed due to my forgetting to change settings from the ceremony, so they are a little blown out. You can see where I realized my mistake, and the pictures return to normal exposure. Hope you enjoy.

Proof of life :D

I am finally able to poke my head up out of the cave that has been my dwelling place for the last several months. My health has finally gotten better and I am getting back into the swing of things. I am still on the job hunt, but have had several interviews so hopefully something will break my way. 

Here is just a random image I am working on. I have been trying to improve my hand lettering skills, and of course adding my Pete touch. Hope you guys are doing well.

Westminster basketball

Here are some shots from the Westminster boys basketball game. Image sizes around 1000 pixels... contact me via my link on the bottom left of the page if you want a larger size.

Westminster basketball game

Was able to shoot the girls basketball team tonight... parents feel free to Click into the pictures and then Right Click and save any of the images. These images are around 1000 pixels long, if you would like larger files just let me know by using my contact link on the bottom left-hand side and tell me which number(s) you would like. Start numbering from the top left and work your way down... :D Hope that makes sense. Or you could just describe the image. Maybe if I do more of these I will number them. :D

First update of the unemployed...

Just a quick update to let you know what is going on.

Well folks, this last Friday was my last official day with KelbyOne, and I am working on a few personal projects that I hope will grow into something more permanent, but I thought I would let you see a couple of things that I am working on. is a domain that I own and am going to develop for photo-training and inspiration... but it is still in the "Boy that sounds great, but how do I do it?" phase.

Meanwhile, I am working on my Kid's guide to Photography book. It will be a simple, easy to understand guide for kids or adults to understand how to take better pictures. It will be completely illustrated by me, by hand. Here is one illustration from the book. I am working on ISO at the moment. I was scheduled to produce this book with Kelby, but it was put on the back burner for other books, and now I am shopping around for a publisher... I have one in particular that I am leaning towards, but I want to have a good sample of the book done before I approach them.

I am talking to a few companies about doing some training with them on a freelance basis, and if you are of the praying kind... would love some prayer for where this could lead. We are obviously trying to figure out the best route in light of finances and insurance.
Speaking of health, nothing new to report at this time as far as my Thyroid... will find out more in a little bit, but my last check up showed improvement which is always a good thing.
Thank you so much for signing up for this newsletter, it really means a lot to have some folks that care, and I hope that this letter finds you well.

Old Car City

Spent a great day a couple of weeks ago at Old Car City... in White, GA. Big thanks to Dean for that amazing place and Clint Brownlee for showing me around. I could spend days there, but here is a gallery of shots from the afternoon.

Sense of Wonder Kids Portrait workshop Tampa

Great workshop here in Tampa... and then immediately off to Vegas for WPPI, so no time to edit and blog about the time. This is the first smattering of images from the workshop. I ended up doing more facilitating the attendees than shooting for myself, so I have a limited number of images and tended to have more of a couple of the girls over the others. I wish I had more camera time, but the goal was to give the folks who came the most opportunities to shoot and grow and that was accomplished. Here are a few of the shots from the first evening at Old McMickey's farm. Details of the shoot below.

Sense of Wonder Workshop
Concept Brooke Logue Photography
Styling ‪#‎LeslieSchor‬
Wardrobe ‪#‎TheMerryLoveJoyCompany‬
Ava wearing ‪#‎TheStripedFigClothing‬ at the barn shoot

Pushing Pixels

Here is a quick composite I did for the friendly competition that I hold over at for out members. I had already combined the Gazelle and the snail earlier and that was the starting image I had them play with. I thought I would join in. I am pretty happy with it... I may do some more to it... primarily adding to the mossy area... but I am going to let it sit for a bit. Hope you like it.

Return of the Gaznail

Return of the Gaznail

Third Day and Steven Curtis Chapman

Had a great time shooting the concert. Only shot a few of SCC since we were going to spend some time with David Carr after Third Day played which was during his part of the show. Always great to spend time with him and see the guys. Tech info: Shot with two bodies... 5D III with 24-70mm and a 1DX with 70-200. Processed in Lightroom and Macphun's Tonality Pro.

Pete's Photo Balance

I have been trying to come up with a good usable illustration to help teach folks about the balance between ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture. After a bit of work and collaboration with Larry Becker, I am happy with the end product. Feel free to use and share it, but please make sure to give credit. Thanks

I think the next step will be to turn this into an animation to show the working parts and the balance... but one thing at a time.

Sense of Wonder Miami Workshop

Here is a gallery of some of my shots and then some thoughts from the Workshop that we put on last week in Miami. Big thanks and hugs to my partners in crime... Steve Gustafson, Brooke Logue Gomberg, and Tonya Poitevint!

Instead of focusing on what to do, we focus on how to think. Of course we have loads of technical training, but the most important area that we talk about is about how to think, feel and be real... and how that will affect your photography and hopefully your life. We try to build a sense of community and creativity and I think I am safe to say that everyone including the instructors have been blown away by the times we have shared and the images created. 

One of Steven's favorite quotes is "The mind cannot use what it does not possess - Santayana." We try to get the students to see what they are not seeing and how that can affect their images. It is amazing what we don't notice until someone comes along and hopefully lovingly points it out. I teach folks about Photoshop and Photography all the while making random comments about my having a virus (I have a mono like virus Epstein-Barr that has been beating me up for a couple of months...) and singing 80's songs at the drop of a hat. At the end of the day, there is real fun and real learning going on, and it is a joy to be part of this group. We are already getting ready to do another one in April or May that is still TBA. But if you would like to be part of the this great madness... give me a holler and I will let you know more. We intentionally keep these groups small so the spots tend to go pretty quickly.

The Models

Brooke always has some of the most amazing models come be part of the workshop and this time was awesome. The girls were incredible and little Henry was a show stealer. One aspect that we try to teach our students is to honor the children and be ready to value the child over getting "the perfect shot." Often we get focused on making a pretty picture and we miss out on the precious life that is right in front of us. To steal a line from Peter Hurley... we need to be ten percent photographer and ninety percent therapist. Knowing how to interact with your models is so important and especially when dealing with kids. Our focus is to reach their heart and their true beauty will emerge.

Spin Shots

This is becoming a tradition at the workshops. The kids love it and we get some amazing shots. Steve Gustafson and I are a tag team... he is the spinner and I am the shooter. The kids give some of the best smiles and the slight dizziness and aching back are worth it.

I have had a lot of positive response about the spin shots so here is a little guide and then a video to help you...

There is so much more to write about, but if you have made it this far, you are probably tired of me already... I will be talking more about some of this stuff on Photography Tips N Tricks, the Grid and KelbyOne... so be on the look there and feel free to shoot me any questions.

Photoshop World Keynote

For those of you who missed PSW Vegas... here is the keynote on Youtube. You will get to see us being "Piratey" and then wait for Scott Kelby to show the blooper reel. They cover the first 12 minutes of the video.